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August 4, 2010 

Yesterday's Primary Election returns were better than we could have imagined.  Here are some details:

Paul received 2318 votes; our Democrat opponent Roorda only 1628.  In recent history Republicans never out poll the D's in the primary.  History shows the Democrat candidate gets two to three times the number of votes in the primary.

If we look at the Primary as a poll it would break down like this:
Republican  Paul Wieland 2318 47.6%
Democrat Jeff Roorda 1628 33.4%
Constitution Richard Blowers 29 .6%
Undecided (undervotes) 897 18.4%

As of today we are polling over 14% points above a three term Incumbent, who also happens to be the Minority Whip.  Incredible!!!

Of all State Representatives, Paul had the MOST of any Republican in Jefferson County and second most of ALL State Reps.
D Casey 103rd District Three Term Incumbent 3038
R Wieland 102nd District Challenger 2318
D Meadows 101st District Three Term Incumbent 1806
R Curtman 105th District Challenger 1735
R McCaherty 90th District Challenger 1672
D Roorda 102nd District Three Term Incumbent 1628
D Komo 90th District One Term Incumbent 1371
D Fallert 104th District Two Term Incumbent 1447
D Frame 105th District Two Term Incumbent 1267

Primary numbers were better than we have ever hoped.  We garnered over 2,300 votes, almost 700 more than our DEM opponent.

Thanks for all the support, effort and prayers!  These Primary results are because of YOUR hard work and dedication.  90 days till the General Election!!!



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